No doubt life is a challenge. We have to go through each and every event of this challenge. So let’s try to get through it peacefully.It is easy to say that we should have a peaceful mind but getting one is very difficult.

The golden rule for getting the peace of mind is to stop expecting and start accepting.

Start this practice from a young age. Initially, child expectations are from his parents. But as he grows these expectation grows from parents to teachers, school, friends. When he becomes an adult he starts expecting from his education, job, society, world. This means that as a person gets older, his demands and expectation increase and as a result, he starts losing his peace of mind.


Its Pity.

One day he becomes hopeless. He finds that there is nobody by his side. He falls in a hole of expectations dug by himself throughout these years. But getting out of this hole is in our own hands. You should be behind the wheels. Do not let others drive you crazy.We give importance to people in our life. When we need them then they are never around. They start disturbing us with their actions and words. People insult us, abuse us, threaten us, and hurt us because they know they can and also because they sense our ability to be hurt and frightened by them. They create disturbing situations.But remember

People and situations are powerless without your reaction.

It is you and only you who can change the course of your life. Follow a few rules like;


Eat healthily

Get 7 to 8-hour sleep

Keep smiling

Stop criticizing

Stay complaint free

Don’t worry about the future

Put your troubles in bubbles

Keep your professional and personal life separate

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Famous author Christian D Larson said 
Promise yourself today to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.




It is not possible to have knowledge of each and everything in the world. I feel that books are our best friends but even books are not able to share some of life’s experiences. Einstein has said,The only source of knowledge is experience.As a mother, I will say that it is not ethical to make your child a book worm. Indulge your child in practical work instead of a theoretical one. Stop telling him that water in the glass is hot, instead let him experience the heat.

8 ways to get cooking with your kids | WTOP

Personal experiences are teachers by themselves. Having a personal bad experience will make your child aware not to repeat the mistake.I also believe in sharing my experiences with my kids. This includes both negative as well as positive. Your child follows your footsteps and sharing will save him from repeating the same mistake which you have made. Share your successes and failures in the form of a story. In this way, your child will always be enthusiastic about listening to you. Through your stories, the child will learn great lessons that will prepare him for life.




Dr. Haim said

Children are like wet cement. whatever falls on them makes an impression.

As a parent, it is our moral duty to educate our child for the best. But the best can only come if we give them the best environment.
It is not ethical to keep a child busy in studies or games. Even a child needs entertainment in his life.
The entertainment at home can come in the form of gardening, reading, painting, project making, watching television, movies, playing video games or playing online games, etc.
Each and every type of entertainment educates and keeps your child engaged. You should choose their source of entertainment wisely. Among all the sources of entertainment, watching serials and reality shows on television does not impart a positive impression and it also brings the early hormonal changes in children. Do not allow children to watch cartoon serials for a long time because your child will start acting like one.
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Show movies to your child according to their age. As a toddler and preschool, a child will like animated movies. When he grows up he will like fictional children movies. When he is a teenager shows him documentaries on science, history, personalities. Parents can also watch movies with children as this will mark a good impression on a child.
I am in favor of online games like chess, sodoku, mind games, etc as these games sharpen the child’s brain. It’s a complete no-no for brutal games like PUB G.



Your child is your wealth and pride. So you must teach him manners and it should be started at an early age.
Teach him about right and wrong. Put efforts to make your child a good person instead of a successful one. Any child can be successful but only a well-taught and well-mannered child will become a good person.
Sometimes a child’s tender age and innocence do not allow him to listen to his parents. Thus parents must teach him mannerism by putting their all efforts.
I believe that while dealing with children one parent should be strict and the other should be lenient or they can take turns in becoming strict and lenient. If both parents are strict then it will lead to fear, rebellion, anger, depression. If both parents are lenient then your child will become underachiever, will lack confidence during tough times and overprotectiveness will become their weakness.
These days the scenario is that parents pamper their child a lot. They do not hurt his emotions. This is wrong, as the early, your child gets hurt emotionally early he will be ready for the world. Start telling him the truths of life at a young age.Mother and daughter having dessert in cozy cafe

Teach etiquettes to your child politely with a cool mind. Give him examples of great and well-known people. But never compare your child with others, not even with siblings. Teach him how to be polite, respectful, how to eat, how and when to say sorry and thank you, how to share, etc.Teach them not to argue, not to be obsessive, arrogant, mean, jealous, do not misbehave, etc.

Instead of teaching and saying things to a child, parents should set an example by practicing good manners as I believe that

Actions speak louder than words.




Famous author CINDY CASHMAN said,

When you talk to your child, mostly listen.

The child and mother share an unbreakable bond. He depends on his parents especially his mother, emotionally throughout his life. I must say that it is in the hands of the mother to make this bond stronger day by day.
The easiest way is that your child must expose his heart to you. And this can only be done when he talks and you listen.
Start listening to your child from a young age. His small talks are mesmerizing. The words he uses at this age remain in the heart of the mother throughout her life.
When schooling starts your child experiences new things. Listen to your child what he tells about his class, teachers, friends, bus, etc. Remember the name of his friends. Ask about them frequently. Listen to them also when they visit you. Cherish their talks.
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The more you listen, the more he will tell. Listen to his successes and failures, Laugh on his jokes. Console when he cries. Soothe him when he is jealous.
Your child should consider you his best friend especially when he is a teenager. Because this is the age of hormonal changes. Lot is going on in a child’s mind. But your presence in this life relieves his pressure of hormonal imbalance.
Once the child becomes adult he will definitely remember how his mother used to listen to him. Then no doubt he will consider this time as one of the best times of his life.



Extracurricular  Activity is that which falls outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school education, performed by students. It exists for all students. The biggest question in the mind of a working mom is that, should I involve my child in extracurricular activities? Should I burden him with extra work besides studies? Then my answer is  YES YES YES.
If your child can bear the load, then push him a bit more every time. This will prepare him for the upcoming challenges of the world.
These days schools give a calendar of all the events and activities before the start of the session. Mothers can check the calendar and can help their child to start practicing for activity at home.
Indulge your child in extracurricular activities from a young age. I use to make sure that my kids participate in at least two extracurricular activities in one class. Participation is a must, but never push your child to win a prize or get the top position. If you do so then your child may be discouraged. He should not be fearful of these activities.
The Three Keys to Quality Extracurricular Activities
Children can participate in poems, storytelling, fancy dress, song, dance, speech, olympiads, quizzes, science competitions, etc.
Participating in activities increases their confidence, improves academic performance, results in higher self-esteem. It helps them to face the audience and takes away the stage fear.
Make your child practice his hobby through these activities organized by the school. Participation may help them to choose their career in the future.



Here comes Sunday. It’s fun and family time.
Mothers should make food from kids’ choices. She should make him feel like a prince or princess. She may involve her child in preparing delicacies like cookies, cakes, idlis, etc. Ask him to do some kitchen errands. This is a day to follow the proverb,

“All work and no play makes Jack dull boy.”

Kids should be indulged in indoor as well as outdoor games. Parents and grandparents should play with their children. This helps in bonding with family. As the child gets older give your child time to play with his friends. By this, he will learn the value of friendship and teamwork.
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Indulge your child into indoor games like ludo for fun, scrabble, and chess for mental sharpness. Outdoor games like table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton are good. I will insist on games like football, hockey, basketball, volleyball instead of cricket. Cricket is not a physically demanding game like the other ones. Assure your child chooses one indoor and one outdoor game at an early stage. This will keep him healthy physically and mentally.
You can involve your child in hobbies like singing, dancing, painting, etc. A hobby will bring out the best in your child and this may also help him to choose his profession afterward.
No doubt it is Sunday but remembers do not skip studies. This is the day where the child can revise the last week’s work and do his reading in advance for the next week.
Sunday is also a day to get together with family and friends. Plan a weekend adventurous trip, a picnic, visit an amusement park, etc. You can visit a religious place like a temple, church. This will initiate religious values in the child.

Last but not least ask your kid to clean his study table, almirah, toys, etc on Sunday. This will make him responsible for his belongings and also this will be helpful for the working mother.



Getting an education is the sole purpose for which the child is separated from his family. So it is important to maintain the level of studies both at school and at home. 
We will talk about homework which is a necessary evil for the child. 
Schools have started teaching students in a playful manner, which is no doubt a good step. But I do have a different view. I think making a base for studies should start at a young age. Otherwise, it will become very difficult to catch up with the higher-level studies. We should prepare a child for tomorrow by sacrificing a bit of today.
So I say whether the school gives homework or not, parents should impart homework to their children themselves. If your child is given homework by the school then make sure that your child completes it on the same day. Besides insist on reading a chapter in advance. This will help him to understand chapters better when taught in class by the teacher. 
To be honest I use to write and draw in my kid’s copies and ask them to put their efforts and time in learning what is taught in class.  I am against the rule of copy and paste given by schools. This really wastes the time of the child. So I use to help them in written work and instead they use to learn the same written thing to save time and increase their studies level.
Mother and Son
Some researches say that by writing the things by himself, the child automatically learns 20% of that topic.OK, fine. Now I say, by not writing and only imparting this time to learning will help him to learn 100% of that topic. So why first waste time on writing for 20% instead of saving time for 100%. Now you are the better judge. 


Let’s talk about Tiffin. I know it is very difficult for working moms to prepare and maintain a healthy Tiffin for your child. I can suggest a few solutions for giving healthy food to your sweetheart. First of all, try giving two tiffins to your child. One of them should be big enough to attain 10-12  grapes or 3-4 slices of an apple, pear, etc, or 6-7 slices of orange, etc. I mean to say that one Tiffin should be a small box only for fruit. 
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The other Tiffin should include at least 2 varieties of food. let’s say you can give small chapati with vegetable and 1 homemade cupcake. Or you can give a sandwich along with homemade cookies. Giving different varieties will not only be healthy but it will increase the interest of your child is eating. Also if he doesn’t like one thing on a particular day, he will eat the other one. This means he will not stay hungry during school hours. Mothers can check on the homemade easy recipes for Tiffin on the internet. 
Always remember an empty Tiffin is really a great satisfaction for mothers.




If your child is 3 years old. Its time to start studies. Playway school has taught him how to face the challenges of school. The clock is ticking so the child has to move according to it. Waking a child is one of the biggest challenges for mothers. To wake the child early follow the proverb,

 Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise .

Sleeping early and so waking up early is a good habit and it should be started at an early age. For these mothers have to sacrifice watching TV or the internet.
Once the child is awake ask him to go to the toilet. Make sure that your child passes the stool (poop) in the morning. This will make him healthy and non irritable. He will remain energetic throughout the day.
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After brushing and taking a bath helps your child to wear clothes and shoes. I know your child is very young but sooner you ask him to get ready by himself the sooner he will shift to the next challenges of life. Also, this will help working mothers a lot. In the same way, ask your child to remove his uniform and shoes by himself when he returns from school. I have done the same with my kids and at a very young age they learned to get ready by themselves and I started my Job once again without tension.